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Intensive instruction in French must be based on your own experience and requirements. Since you are unique, so is your way of learning. So the ideal type of French language training is one that provides you with a personal touch that matches your personality, that meets your individual needs, and that fulfils your specific expectations.

As Socrates put it, it is only thanks to a permanent dialogue between the teacher and the learner that true progress can be made. With the Dialogue customized method:

  • your gifts, aptitudes and unconscious passive knowledge are brought to the surface;
  • your self confidence will increase with each lesson you take;
  • your valuable time is not wasted on subjects that do not interest you;
  • you will find the learning process to be enjoyable and motivating.
Thanks to a constant ongoing "Dialogue" you learn to make yourself understood in French in the least time possible. You get plenty of practice, and above all results that are immediate and long lasting, using a methodology that ensures that you will not lose what you have gained. This method helps you to avoid constant translation and instead allows you to think in French. French will become as natural and pleasant for you as your native language.

A Program Tailored to Your Personal Needs

You plan your own learning program, your own schedule, your own pace:

  • Each lesson is private (1 teacher + 1 student).
  • You and the teacher will make your own tape recordings and create your own materials for your study sessions.
  • Complete video, audio and print resources are available for your unlimited use right in your room.
  • You advance at your own pace and level.
  • You save considerable time: you learn only the vocabulary suited to your needs; from every point of view you progress faster than in a group.
  • If you wish, you can bring along your own materials which can be worked into your lessons.
  • You choose the number of daily lessons, the number of days or weeks you study at Dialogue, each day's objectives, everything.

A Balance Between Modern and Traditional Methods

Dialogue is more than just a lesson:

  • It is an ongoing flow of learning: your teacher is also a partner, a coach who, thanks to long experience, understands what you need and adapts your program accordingly.
  • We avoid textbooks: the lessons are for you are designed with your involvement in mind; at the end of your course you take your own customized materials home with you.
  • Whatever your concentration, you will also improve your pronunciation, your listening skills, your grammar, and your vocabulary.

Although Dialogue is modern and in many respects unique, it has incorporated the best traditional methods in language and communications teaching. The method was developed after 20 years of experience with earlier methods of teaching.

Experienced, Specialized Native French Teachers

Every instructor working at Dialogue teaches in his/her own native language. Trained by Dialogue, they generally have 8 years of teaching experience in language instruction. All of them are university graduates and specialized in several fields, including legal, diplomatic and business French.

True Total Immersion

A week at Dialogue is easily equivalent to a two-semester university course in French. But even that comparison is not truly applicable since, when you leave Dialogue, you'll be much more motivated and truly empowered to keep up with your French -- even back home.

Elliot Essman is Dialogue's North American representative. See Elliot's information page for telephone or email contact information.