Dialogue's North American Advisor

Elliot Essman is a prolific writer, public speaker, coach, publisher, and translator. He has many years experience studying foreign languages as well as helping other people find the most effective way to learn a foreign language. He lives in Mamaroneck, New York.

A graduate of Fordham University in New York City, with degrees in Philosophy and Law, Elliot is active in his local community as well as a number of national and international organizations. He has been a member of Toastmasters International for many years, and works as a volunteer for the American Red Cross Language Bank, which provides emergency interpreters and translators to people in need.

Elliot believes that foreign language study and training must be geared to the needs of the individual student. "As a Dialogue's US and Canadian advisor," he says, "I deal with a wide variety of people. I often find training for businesspeople who need to know specific ways of using a language (the language of negotiation, for example), and who need it yesterday. On the other hand, I've more than once arranged stays at Dialogue for retired people who've been dreaming for years of treating themselves to an intensive foreign language experience, simply for the love of it! High school and college students who need language enrichment, remedial or test-preparation work constitute a third group."

Elliot knows how to make people feel comfortable about studying a foreign language. Get in touch with Elliot; talk to him about your language learning needs, expectations, even your fears and uncertainties. He's there to help.

Please note: Elliot represents the Dialogue language schools in Europe. We have no schools in North America.

Call Elliot (eastern time zone): (646) 734-2739 Elliot's E-Mail address is

Please fill in the email subject line and mention the language you wish to study. It's also helpful in an email inquiry if you include some basics like where you live, your approximate age, how well you speak the language you're interested in, your native language, etc. If you leave a telephone number, please indicate the best days and times to call.

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