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"As far as the teaching is concerned, I am pleased. The classes with Carmen and Montse have given me much confidence. Without doubt, I have improved during this week thanks to the excellent teachers. Above all, I have enjoyed the family and teachers I have met here. I want to come back. See you soon !" Keiko Hirano, Japan

"The most important consequence of learning a new language is that a new person begins to live. Thank you to Carmen, Norma and Julian for looking after me. And thanks also to Carmen for the good food." Marc Desmedt, Electrabel

"The most important element of learning a new language is thinking in that language, and that is what I now do. I had not just one, but two very special teachers for two months." Sunshine Sun, Korea

"The ambience and the Dialogue working methods are optimal. I have been able to progress well, and am leaving with a solid base for the future." Laurent Gauthier, Belgium

"Many thanks for the weeks I have spent with you. I very much enjoy total immersion with your family. I hope to come back very quickly." Sven Hansen, UBS

"Thank you to Carmen, her family and her team of colleagues for this first big step into the Spanish language. I feel that the journey of discovery of the Spanish language, people and culture that I have begun with you will enrich my life in the coming years." Paul Culley, Council of the European Union

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