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Thanks to a constant ongoing "dialogue", you learn to make yourself understood in the least possible time. Plenty of practice, and above all results that are immediate and long lasting, using a methodology that ensures you will not lose what you have gained. This method helps you to avoid translating when you speak, and instead allows you to think in Spanish. Spanish will become as natural and as pleasant for you as yournative language.

You may plan your own programme as well as your schedule if you so wish. Each lesson is private (one teacher with one student):

Dialogue is not just a lesson. It is much more than a lesson:

All Dialogue instructors are specialy trained in Dialogue's methods, and are highly experienced in teaching their own native language.

You are unique. And so is your way of learning. The ideal training therefore is the one that has a personal touch, and which correspons to your personality, your individual needs, your specific expectations.

As Socrates said, it is when there is a permanent dialogue between teacher and student that progress is quickest and most spectacular.

You decide for yourself:

The morning break is the ideal moment to have a cup of coffee in the garden and to enjoy the sun. At the end of your stay, a gala dinner, with presentation of diplomas. The evening meals are also ideal moments to practise Spanish. In the breaks with your teachers, you can practice what you have learned in your private lessons, but in a more relaxed manner.

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