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Elliot Essman's innovative public speaking training techniques have helped a wide variety of people become confident, effective public speakers. Whether you are in business, one of the professions, government, education or public service, Elliot can show you how to break through barriers and reach new heights of self-development. Elliot is located in Westchester County, New York and also serves clients in New York City.

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Elliot Essman's Public Speaking Training covers every skill you need to become an effective public speaker.

  • Creating your strategic image as a communicator: who you are, what you talk about, who listens to you, how you deliver your message.
  • Evaporating fear, controlling nervousness.
  • Voice projection, movement, eye-contact.
  • Speech content, structure, wording and vocabulary.
  • The right way and the wrong way to use humor in a speech.
Yes -- there is groundwork, theory, reflection. But we immediately turn it into measurable results. And Elliot is much more than just a public speaking coach. He's a true strategic partner who will:
  • Help you structure your positioning and your message to suit your goals for networking, business building, or executive leadership.
  • Plug you into new and wider personal networks.
  • Help you deal with radio, television and publicity.
  • For non-profit and community speakers, help you add businesslike "punch" to get your message across effectively.
  • Go the extra mile, be there, for encouragement, for brainstorming, for every level of your success.

Elliot is also there to help you grow. There's a "surprise" to public speaking that any experienced speaker realizes: you get much more out of public speaking that you ever put in. You get confidence. You get new ideas. You discover new ways of looking at your life. You reap benefits far beyond anything you could possibly imagine. Guided public speaking training is the key.

Many otherwise successful people will do "anything but" speak in front of a group. That's really too bad. Public speaking is the one skill no successful person can afford to be without. People who speak in public make more money. They get more satisfaction in their work. They grow in every way. They have more confidence. That confidence shows, and pays off.

Long term . . . short term . . . in-between . . . public speaking is the best way to promote yourself, promote your company, find new clients, uncover powerful new networking opportunities, perform in any calling, excel at any job. Public speaking traning pays true dividends, so let's get started today.